The New Album Project
(Guaranteed to be the cheeziest music you'll hear all week!)
(Still in Progress)


-Click the link to hear the song (.wma format).    Sound quality is set up for those with modems (music quality is another story). 
-MP3's are better quality so they'll take longer to down load aprox. 2 megs each, they're zipped. 

New!! New!! New!!!  1. Standing In Line (for Government Cheese) -Getting in touch with our inner Libertarian. We're thinking that our next song will get in touch with our inner Socialist.  Get the Lyrics!  Get the MP3!

2. 'Merican Cheese -An all American treat!  It's a patriotic song in the Country/Trucking/CB genre.  Get the Lyrics!  Get the MP3!

3. What Ever Happened to Fondue -Artistic "Spoken Word" recording. We don't quite have the panache of William Shatner but here is our interpretation.  Get the lyrics! Get the MP3!

4. My Favorite Little Cheese Cutter -Not finished yet.

5. Le Petit Fromage -coming soon.

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