Big T discovered the Provocative Sponges  one night during a full moon in Berkeley.  He was shopping for new mallets for his Tympani.  A drum circle had formed, the Wicken's were in full force, he knew right away this was a sound to be recorded (and loved) by all.  With organic salad greens, grass fed beef and promises of a burning effigy he lured them all to the studio to record their first Mega-Platinum hit.  They've been touring the Midwest ever since and want to go home as soon as possible. Also, there is no real reason I have penguins on this page.  They have nothing to do with bongos.

The new song was inspired by the mascot for Big T and the Oaktones, the Stealthy Albino Pygmy Lion.

Here's the music.  The MP3's sound much better but are bigger files.  Enjoy!

-Eight Lbs. of Fury!     MP3 Here 

-Bongos!     MP3 Here

-Bongos! The Dance Mix!     MP3 Here

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