Big T and the Oaktones

Big T and the Oaktones started back in 1956.  We were the first backup band for Elvis.  On May 6th. of that year our drummer commented to E-man, as we called him then, that the combination of bacon and peanut butter made your penis shrink.  May 7th we were Headliners! (in smaller clubs)  Just to be fair our drummer was correct in his interpretation of an article that was published earlier in the New England Journal of Medicine.   

After that the band continued its Sputnik rocket rise to stardom with its first hit, "Makin' Butter" the grueling world tour was taking it's toll.  Even the money, women and fame of their second hit  " Let's do the Humma Hiima" could not keep the band together.  So with two "hits" under their belts the band finally broke up in 1982, but at least they had great big hair.  

The coming of the new millennium was a wake up call to all 32 band members to bury the hatchet and continue the the Mega Force that was Big T and the Oaktones.  So here is our web site.  Eventually we will put something worth listening to on it.  But don't hold your breath.

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Thanks for listening!
Big T

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