Fan Club List (Join Us !!!!)

Mardelle*- "Just exactly what do I have to do as Fan Club President?" Marlee Matlin- "This is the best music I've heard in years!"
Randy  Brown- "I do all Big T's parties because they love to roast goat!" Mr. and Mrs. Murray- "Please stop sending us this music."
Shelly D- "Can I be a Go Go dancer in the background?" Bob Keeshan- "I want you all to be nice."
Favorite Aunt**- "I feel like doing the Humma Hiima right now!" Nancy O- "I can't figure out the words."   She should be happy -ed.
Leppi- "UNSUBSCRIBE,  REMOVE PLEASE, CANCEL!!" Yoko Ono- "I can break this band up too.  Just watch me."
Cris F-Chrysalis Foundation, "Do these guys even tune? Does it matter?" Marvin Hamlish- "I hear they make a killer Kreplakh."
G.W. Bush- "I can't put my finger on it but I know there's evil involved." Mr.&Mrs.Yaggi- "We've been roped into this. We prefer Sinatra."
Sir George Martin- "I said, Don't use my name." Jack Box- "We only use real Lipton tea."
Mark & Jen M- "Woohooo!!!!!!!" (from Kentucky)(no shoes) Perry Como- "When I'm cranked on PCP, Big T is the only music for me"
Kent- "I'll pay you to NOT send me your music!" Stafford- "I want to be a groupie too!"
Tito Jackson- "Does my butt look big in these pants?" Steve A- "Hey Big T, You need help, a lot of help!!!!!"
P.J. Allegree- "When they say for better or worse; this is the worse part." Ted Shuttlesworth- "Blessed be the Butter"
Matt Mumper- "POWER! POWER! POWER!,  As Seen on TV" Huggy Bear- "The way they dress is Outa Site!"
Bob D- "Really, I haven't had time to listen to your music, Really" Dave Barry- "Keep Your Sex Pootie to Your Self" (At the Bottom -ed)
Mike W- "Do you guy's do brakes too?" Bobby K and Sphincter Breeze- "Our horn section is much louder"
Michelle S- "You Rock Sweet Cheeks, YEAH!!!!" Colleen C- "How does one go about becoming a groupie?"
Rene- "I hear your concerts are better than KISS OR Neil Diamond" Markus K- " could be worse"   Has he heard this music? -ed.
Sandra S- "Your music is as Tasty as a Nice Ripe Limburger" Louis H- "I like you're music, and for that I apologize."

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*Fan Club President
**Number One Fan