2/14/05 - February 14th is all about love and we LOVE this picture.

8/22/01 - Appreciative fans during our reunion concert in Tilden park

4/17/72 -The Detroit Av. Studios and Creamy Whip -Outside

6/27/01 -Detroit Av. Studios and Creamy Whip -Inside

2/30/59 -The making of our Mega hit "Do the Humma Hiima"

7/09/79 -The Band's mascot, the extremely rare, Stealthy Albino Pygmy Lion, strait from the Serengeti 

7/16/69 -Woodstock Poster

2/14/61 -Our first album cover

9/23/62 -Our string section.

2/10/02 -Otis (Really)

7/28/02 -Big T's Brother Mark, lovely wife Cindy and adorable twins Garret and Liz.

9/13/02 -Huey McLanahan and his lovely wife Wilma doing the Humma Hiima

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