Upcoming Shows

-Feb. 12th. at San Francisco Bohemian Club,  Atop Knob Hill.  We are number 17 to go on stage for the Battle of the Bands and Heavy Metal Leather Queen night.  We hear those guys are real Bohemians!

-April 1st. at the African American Museum and Library, 125 14th. St. Downtown Oakland .  We are unveiling our long awaited accordion rock opera at the "In praise of Black Women" poetry reading. 

-June 27th. at Our Lady of the Rosery summer church festival, off Winton Rd. GreenHills.  This is the same date as Ozzy Fest so we decided to play here and do a full set of Black Sabbath and Ozzy solo material to pay homage to the master song stylings of Mr. Osborne.  Chickens beware!

-July 13th. at The Fillmore, You know where this one is.  We are warming up for a surprise concert Roy Orbison and George Harrison are giving.  We think it has something to do with that Traveling Wilbury's thing but we aren't sure.  There is a rumor that Jimi and Janis will show.

-August 25th. at Oktoberfest at Germania Park - 3529 West Kemper Rd. We do this one because we get to ware our Lederhosen.  We love the feel of leather around our butts plus they go with our hats.  Polkas Rule!!!!!  (see April 1st. above)

-Sept. 29th. at the Folsom Street Fair,  -On Folsom St. South of Market.  We will be singing traditional Protestant hymns with the Young Republican's Wives club.  We hope to fund our trip to Twitty City with the proceeds of our bake sale.

* Every Wednesday night at PJ's Smoke Shop and Pet Crematorium (smoke em if you got em), Ask anyone where this one is.  The band goes on after PJ Shuts the ovens down and they've had some time to cool.  The ovens, not the band.   PJ has a strict "no two birds with one stone" policy (or cats), the ovens will remain off!

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