Set List
(The Music of Big T and the Oaktones)

Big T's legal team warns you should listen at your own risk, there's a very strong possibility that you'll be offended by this music.  EVEN If You Have Bad Taste!

-Click the link to hear the song (.wma format)    Sound quality is set up for those with modems (music quality is another story).
-MP3's are better quality so they'll take longer to down load aprox. 2 megs each, they're zipped. 
-Lyrics are in Adobe Acrobat format.

Fromage Album Project Here!  You won't be sorry.  Ok maybe you will be sorry, but do it anyway.

1.  I Want Your Sex Pootie -   Get the lyrics!   Get the MP3!

2. New!! New!! New!!! Standing in Line (for Government Cheese) - Getting in touch with our inner Libertarian. Get the lyrics! Get the MP3!
3.  'Merican Cheese -An all American treat!  It's a patriotic song in the Country/Trucking/CB genre. Get the lyrics! Get the MP3!
4.  What Ever Happened to Fondue
-Artistic "Spoken Word" recording. We don't quite have the panache of William Shatner. Get the lyrics! Get the MP3!
5.  Got No Job
- More of what happens when we are not gainfully employed.  Get the lyrics!  Get the MP3!
6.  Don't Call Me That
- Sticks and Stones.....   Get the lyrics!   Get the MP3!
7.  Makin Butter
- Digitally Re-Mastered!    Get the lyrics!      Get the MP3! 
8.  Ragged Hand
- The "B" side but the quality of a "D" side!  (For those with Presidential grades)  Get the lyrics!    Get the MP3
9.  Do the Humma Hiima -
Also Digitally Re-Mastered!   Get the lyrics!    Get the MP3
10.Love Song For Our Wives
- No one has even asked for the lyrics so there you have it.    Get the MP3
11.Those Dead Sure Know How to Par-tay!  -The Halloween song. (Thrown together)  Get the lyrics!  Get the MP3

Provocative Sponges!  It's the All Bongo Band.  Click Here for more music.       Don't expect too much.

All production credit goes to Big T and when you hear Tympani it's him.

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